Apr 22 2014

I want my BFF back!

My BFF has completely changed her life since she has been working for the Gatwick airport escorts agency. We used to hang out every day and now I am lucky if I see her once a month, it really makes me angry because I miss her!

She sees about 6 clients a day and I get worried that something bad may happen to her. Don’t get me wrong, she is making great money and has everything that she has ever wanted in her life. The rest of the time she spends with her new boyfriend that cheats on her all the time, she still stays with him!

I am keeping my faith and hoping that soon we can repair our breaking relationship. I don’t think that it will ever be the same but I am keeping my hopes up and my doors open to her. Hopefully soon we will be able to appreciate our once had relationship again!

Mar 28 2014

Finding Love on the Internet is Real

I was always jealous of best friend a few years ago. He always seemed to have a date on Friday and Saturday nights. He was not a very outgoing person and it perplexed me. Finally, one day I decided to ask how he always managed to have dates when I was having problems just getting one. It turned out he was using an online dating website, which matched up girls according to his interests. The reason this jealousy was two years ago is because I myself signed up to this fuck buddy dating website and now have a steady girlfriend of four months. My friend confided in me that before he signed up to the dating site he did not believe he would ever be married. I myself worried about such things before, but now we are both confident in finding the love of our life.

Mar 07 2014

Romance And A Friend

For several years I have been having the time of my life ever since I found gay fuck buddies to hang out with. We share our deepest thoughts, help each other through the toughest of times, are intimate and there is not a serious relationship involved. We both live our own lives and do our own things and do not have to keep in touch with each other everyday.

We have gone out for romantic dinners and may get a hotel for the weekend here and there. There is an excessive physical attraction between each other and we love to flirt every time that we are together. It is like I am living a fairy tale life and we both have agreed that we do not want a relationship any time soon and are free to do what we want, with whoever we want!

Feb 28 2014

Is it still taboo?

Online BDSM dating has always been something “taboo” since it seems like people are not able to connect through the internet. However, as years have gone by, people are not able to meet people and actually start relationships. Here are a few tips that will help you to continue an online relationship.

Make Time For Each Other

Since you two will be very far apart, it is crucial that you make time for each other. Schedule Skype dates and make sure that you are not taking the relationship for granted.

Continue To Grow

Just because you give each other time, it doesn’t mean that your life has to revolve around him or her. You must still grow on your own and continue to live your life.

If you can just keep these two things in mind, you will start to see that it is definitely possible to have a relationship on the internet.

Feb 21 2014

Times Must Be Changing

I checked my checking account the other day, and noticed that the money was shorter than the remainder of the month. I must say I am decidedly dejected over this. I am a full-time worker, and I feel as though I receive part-time pay. I need a part-time job, with some added value and benefit. I looked at what I had to offer and this is what I came up with.

I have the weekends to work. I have a great figure, and I am college educated. I am attractive and I like to go to cultural events. I love gourmet food. What can I do to incorporate all those things? I can work for a Newcastle escort agency. Good hours, great pay, and I certainly will encounter some interesting people and get out and about every weekend. With those amenities, I think I need to go shopping for some new “work clothes”.

Feb 03 2014

30 Day Free Trial

I was going through my mail one morning and there was a little flyer for an online dating website. It was for singles from 18 years of age and up and was offering a free trial for 30 days. I thought about it for a couple of hours and was a little curious if there would be anyone that I would actually be interested in. When I created my account I had to pick my username and password which only took me a couple of minutes.

I did not want to put too much about myself so I made my profile kind of discreet. My inbox had a message a couple days later and I decided that I would meet with this woman locally and in public. I felt uneasy at first but now I am extremely happy that I went on my hunch and created an account, she is my new fuck buddies!

Jan 23 2014

A Great Impression

So I hired Nottingham escort agency had for my 50th class reunion last weekend. I wanted to show all my old friends up with a beautiful lady and expensive suit. I know I really shouldn’t be someone I’m not but all my friends are living the high life now and I am still the same old guy that has been doing the same thing for 25 years. I don’t want everyone thinking I am some bum that has done nothing with his life so it was important to me to do what I did. It sucks I had to lie, but it the long run there last impression of me will be a very good one. To me, that is what truly makes me happy. Opinions are everything in my world.

Jan 18 2014

My great new job

Times are bad. The economy is weak and jobs are difficult to find. After searching and no luck in getting hired I decided I had no choice but to look into things I may have never considered before. I contacted this company called, London escorts, and they immediately put me to work. I went to dinner with a nice gentleman; I also went to a dinner show with another. Escorting was not my perfect idea of a career job, but hey; I am enjoying myself and the pay is great. The clients are checked out before we go, so I know it is safe before going out.
Hey, I am still waiting for the escort job that takes me to the Caribbean. I no longer have to worry about how I am going to pay my bills. I have a great job!